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4 Stars for The Little Book of Laughter

Reviewed By Steve Leshin for Readers’ Favorite

Review Rating: 4 Stars

The Little Book of Laughter by Maureen Sangiorgio fits neatly into the humor section of your neighborhood book store. Sangiorgio takes on the task of compiling a collection of jokes, funny stories, and limericks for the reader to enjoy. In this era of political correctness, this is no easy accomplishment. Her goal is stated clearly in the title page: Over 100 Jokes, Riddles and Rhymes to Brighten Your Day. And for the most part, it does. Arranged in ten chapters, each one covering types of jokes such as Chapter One: Blonde Jokes. I know what you are thinking: “dumb blonde jokes?” But as the editor, Maureen Sangiorgio begins this section with an intro that points out something interesting. In a recent study of over 10,000 Americans whose natural hair color was blonde, these people had a higher IQ than brunette, red-haired or black-haired people. The other categories include married couple jokes, office jokes, and funny one-liners, all leading up to Chapter Ten: World’s Funniest Jokes. The ultimate test to see if The Little Book of Laughter purports to do what it says it does... So, I tried some jokes out loud to an audience. In this case, I read a few to my wife, not an easy customer, to try to tickle her funny bone. She smirked at some, snickered at others, and actually laughed heartily at a select few. As an editor, Sangiorgio does a good job of breaking down the different categories of jokes. And the book includes a snappy introduction that points out the importance of laughter, especially in today’s world. In sum: laughter is the best medicine. Enjoy this book.

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